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5 Types of Kurtas To Don This Festive Season

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5 Types of Kurtas To Don This Festive Season

For decades, if there’s one apparel that has tested the sands of time it would undoubtedly be the classic Kurta. Overtime, it has grown from being a daily garment worn for comfort to being a wardrobe essential for all men. With the new trends coming up every now and then, one would think that the good old ‘Kurta” might have lost its touch. Well to their surprise, nothing can ever beat the charm and elegance of a man walking in a classic, Kurta.

Get over the days when you would think of a Kurta and wedding bells would ring your ears. Kurtas for men have undergone many transitions right from start, and in this age and era you can don a Kurta for any occasion you want.

Now you must be thinking all the Hows and Whys. To answer all your queries, House of STORI brings you the wide variety of Kurtas for men from their collection, which not only give you the perfect look but also make you believe in the universality of the garment. Here are 5 types of Kurtas that you can don this festive season, or otherwise, if you want:

Long Kurtas for all your festive needs

Go back to your roots and display your style with our long Kurta. Being traditional and portraying your ethnicity has never been so easy and graceful. Pair it with jeans or a plain pyjama and you’re good to go.

Short Kurtas for all the meet and greets

Festivals are all gone and time to pack all the kurtas back again for more than a year. Well, time to move ahead from this age old mindset. Festivals have become shorter and so has your Kurta. Don our short Kurta and slay anywhere anytime. From family gatherings to regular wear and even fun outings, we got you covered.

Prints never goes out of style

If you think that our variety stops at long and short Kurta styles, then you’re highly mistaken. Now you can opt for prints on your Kurta for all the fun outings or even casual Fridays at the office, our prints will make sure to compliment your personality.

Denim Kurtas, yes they exist!

If you’re someone with a bold personality and if you’re someone who likes denim way too much, then we’ve got you covered too. So take out your favourite denim jeans and step out of the house donning your favourite kurta from House of Stori.

Check, mate!

Our check Kurtas will make sure your outings never go boring and your personality is well depicted by the clothing you wear. Pair them up with any jeans/trouser and you’re ready to roll.

Our list does not only stop there as we keep on coming up with more and more styles and more and more varieties to make sure you keep up with the ongoing trends. Stay on the loop to know more about all the latest fashion trends, and visit the website right away!!

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