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Are You Dressing Right For Your Parties?

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Same question keeps on troubling you again and again, right? Well, if it helps, you’re not the only one sailing on this boat. Almost every other man has had troubles over time deciding what to wear and what not to wear when an occasion arrives. After hours of brainstorming and putting the entire wardrobe to shackles, we all know jeans and t-shirts are your last resort, and then you go to those parties wearing the same old dull attire hoping it would stick.

But it doesn’t, right? You’re tired of wearing the same t-shirt and jeans over and over again, and your friends are tired of pointing that out to you endlessly. Well care no more, the days of banking on the same attire are over and it’s time to revamp the entire wardrobe. Say goodbye to those boring pants and bid adieu to the regular plain old shirts. We’re here to revolutionize the way you see men’s party wear.

 House of STORI brings out the new collection of men’s party wear for all your party needs and here are a few tips to spice up your style and become the life of every party.

1. Graphic Tees are old news, time to move on…..

No doubt in the fact that you have one of the best graphic tees, but sadly they’re old news now. You’re not in high school anymore and this is not 2010. It’s time to move on and hold hands with a more mature style of Party wear shirts.  Not only do they give you an extra edge but also give you a more mature look.

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2. Chinos add colors to your look

Plain old pants are for your offices. When you’re at a party you don’t want to look outdated and boring. Chinos help you alleviate your problems with the trendy color options you get to choose from. And to add on to that, they give you a better stretch as compared to your normal trousers giving you the liberty to show your moves on the dance floor.

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3. Jackets are always a good add on

 If you still insist on going ahead with your jeans and tshirt look, why not add an element of surprise to that. Layer up with a jacket and your look is complete. Jackets would give you the bold look while at the same time giving the comfort of your favorite apparel.

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With the festival season coming up, don’t shy away from the parties because you can’t decide what to wear. House of STORI has got you covered and you’re just one click away from revamping your look. Shop now!


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