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Formal Shirts for men to wear this winter season

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Formal Shirts for men to wear this winter season

Formals are considered to be the best attire a man’s wardrobe can possess. Not only does it give him a suave and bold look, but also elevates the overall personality and style. Don’t believe us? Then tell us the last time you saw a man looking shabby wearing a Tux or even a man not looking dapper in formal shirts.

For decades formal wear has ruled the hearts of all the men and formal shirts have been one of the most overlooked attire in a man’s closet. When we think of formals a suave tuxedo or a 3 piece suit comes to our mind, or even shiny leather shoes and belts come to mind. Formal shirts for men are probably the last thing you would think of when it comes to formal wear. But not anymore. House of Stori is here to change the way you look at the attire and we’re here to change your perception about formal shirts once and for all.

The long wait is over and here are 3 different types of formal shirts for men that you can don in order to stand out of the crowd. Moreover, not only would these shirts be a star in the board meetings, you can style them in the parties, outdoor meetings, or even festivals.

  • Whites are everlasting

  • A plain white formal shirt beats everything, and we repeat, everything, when it comes to formals. It gives you a classy and elite look and gives an edgy finish to your overall style. One of the best advantages of owning a white shirt is that you can wear it over and under almost every color you can think of. They are evergreen (pun intended) and truly everlasting.
    Nothing beats a crisp white shirt, and we have the best of them with unique textures and a whiteness that remains as good as new till 20 washes.

  • Colors for class and elegance

  • Important meetings lined up for an entire day and then you have a plan to go out after work, but no time to change in between. Now you would definitely not carry multiple outfits with you every day, who does that? This is where House of Stori comes to your aid. Our range of colored formal shirts stay with you through and through from board meetings to the loudest of the clubs, take them anywhere and you’ll be fine. From international level premium fit to easy to iron finish, our shirts made from 100% Giza cotton are here to stay with you everywhere you go.

  • Prints and linens for outdoors

  • Yes you heard us. You can wear your printed shirts or even linens when going out. Pair them up with a good formal trouser and you’re ready to slay any event. With the onset of festive season around, Linen shirts from House of Stori would be your best choice to wear them to any formal gatherings or even family gatherings. While the printed shirts would be best for going out and catching up with friends.

    We hope we have enlightened you and changed your perception towards formal shirts for men. Next time you look at one, give it a little bit more importance and wear them everywhere you’d want to. To select the best shirt for you check them out here on the website.

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