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Our favorite polo t-shirts that you must have

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Our favorite polo t-shirts that you must have

If there is something that tops the utility factor in clothing, polo t-shirts will be on the top list owing to their semi-casual look. You can wear a polo t-shirt for a Saturday day out, and for the office as well; of course; under a blazer (smart dressing we call it). What really makes them stand apart, however, is the comfort factor they offer. Highly comfortable for any purpose. No wonder they have a big fan base. Here we have picked our favourite polo t-shirts for men that you got to have in your closet.

Red Polo t-shirt

Red instantly makes you look cheerful and bright. It’s a colour that represents passion and is often linked with strong emotions. A red polo t-shirt for men is a great choice for when you are going out for movies with your date or for a long drive. You can shop this ravishing red polo t-shirt from House of Stori.

Navy Blue Polo t-shirt

This color speaks of power, authority, dominance and looks ultra hot on a polo t-shirt. Wear this polo t-shirt for men when you want to impress your date with your charm and confidence. P.s. don’t forget chivalry though.

Baby Pink Full Sleeves Polo t-shirt

Gone are the days when pink was associated with all things female. In today’s world, there is no division of colors based on gender. Moreover, baby pink of late has emerged as a hot colour among men. It’s one of those colors that will take your cute factor many notches up. If you already do not own any article of clothing in this colour then may we suggest to have a polo t-shirt in pink color. Shop it from here.

Grey Polo t-shirt with Stripes

Stripes are in-trend this season and you ought to have a polo t-shirt that’s got stripes in it like this grey one shown here. A striped polo t-shirt will instantly tone down the power factor, thus, making you seem friendly and approachable. And sometimes that’s what we want. Don’t we? Shop this cool polo t-shirt from here.

Polo t-shirt with Prints

Last in the bucket of our favorite polo t-shirts for men is the printed one. It‘s a refreshing take on solid polo t-shirts. Definitely worth having in your wardrobe for those fun days with friends.

So these were our favourite polo t-shirts for this season. Check out the whole collection on the House of stori and let us know which one is yours.


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