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Polishing The Office Look?? 5 Must Have Formal Shirts for Men

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Polishing The Office Look?? 5 Must Have Formal Shirts for Men

Men’s wardrobe is incomplete without the right collection of formal shirts. They make an excellent addition to your wardrobe for office wear, daily wear, and various events & occasions. Do you think your workwear needs an upgrade? If yes, we are just in time to tell you what formal shirts for men you can add to your outfit selection. And towards the end of this blog, you will be thanking us for that. 

Dress Shirts: The Key to An Elegant Office Attire 

Of all the types of formal shirts, a dress shirt is most fit for a workplace environment. Any office or professional attire predominantly revolves around dress shirts for many reasons. The shirts align seamlessly with professional settings with their button-down designs, structured collars, and subtle patterns. With their versatility, they can be paired with various trousers, suits, and ties. And lastly, the tailored fit and clean lines of these shirts make a lasting impression. 

Must-Have Shirts for Your Work Wardrobe

  • Win with White Shirt 

white formal shirt

Whenever the term formal shirt is tossed around, the first image that flashes into your mind is a plain white shirt. A crisp white shirt is a great addition to your office wear collection - whether you prefer minimalistic or minimalist fits. It is an elegant and timeless piece that goes with all your office outfits and is probably the cornerstone of the formal shirts collection. You can start your workweek with a white shirt. It will also symbolize how you are treating the week like a blank slate and will paint it your way. 

  • Talking Business with Blue Shirt 

blue formal shirt

The next shirt from the vast collection of formal shirts for men is a plain blue shirt. Monday Blues can be past you in mid-week but we are not leaving a plain blue shirt behind as it can be a perfect fit for 9-5 and beyond. It just has the elegance to carry it with different trousers and pants for rocking your work attire. To be on the safer side, you can choose to have two shades of blue if you want. 

  • Stick with Stripes 

Green Striped Shirt

Another popular choice is stripes. They have been around for a long time and are a common sight in men’s wardrobes. Stripes are best to gain attention and show authority. While these may not be as good as the first two choices, they sure are acceptable in formal settings. Use thinly spaced striped shirts instead of broadly spaced stripes as they incline towards more casual looks. 

  • Check out Checked Shirts 

checked formal shirt

While checked shirts used to be associated with a casual appearance, they have found themselves a spot in the workwear collection. With smart and business casual attire in trend, adding these can give a flair to your outfits. Choose a small checked pattern with hues of blue. These formal shirts for men will be perfect for saying goodbye to the workweek and hello to the weekend. 

  • Pull Off the Pink Shirt

pink plain shirt

While pink is often linked to women and femininity, men can equally pull off shirts in lighter shades of pink. It can be worn under different suits and blazers because of its versatility. With the right mix and match, you surely will get some compliments from your colleagues. 

Half Sleeves or Full Sleeves? What to Pick? 

When choosing formal shirts for men, there are options for half and full sleeves. Both types of formal shirts have different styles and practicality. Half-sleeved shirts are what you wear for summer and warmer months. They give off a relaxed vibe and keep you comfortable throughout the day and enable easy movements. Lighter colours and fabrics make half-sleeved shirts versatile for office settings as well as after-hour casual gatherings. 

The aura of full sleeves shirts is more professional and is preferred in traditional office settings. Have an important meeting or presentation coming up? Take out the full-sleeved shirt from your cupboard and pair them with a tie or blazer to refine the look. There is no one right choice - both options are excellent, you just have to pick according to the occasion and preference. 

Last Thoughts 

Professional styling can be as fun as casual styling. What you need for that is to pick the right kinds of formal shirts for men and once you have found that, you will embrace the simplicity of your style. Check out the extensive collection of formal shirts from House of Stori to find your signature look.  

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